Libertarian Party of Ohio

Hamilton County (OH) Libertarian Party

Ohio Stands United – Ohio’s largest pro-Constitution organization with chapters in all 88 counties and ~60,000 members.

De-Escalate Ohio Now! Heartbeat Movement – De – Escalate Ohio Now! Heartbeat Movement Goals are to Change Public Policies, Justice Reforms, Drug Policies, Gun Reforms, Police Accountability and Transparency on a State and Federal Level.

Let Us Vote 4 Balanced Budget Amendment – Non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to requiring the federal government to operate under a balanced budget the 28th amendment to the Constitution.

Jeremy “Spike” Cohen – 2020 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential candidate.

Mike Mains, Councilmember – City of Harrison, OH

Ken Armstrong – Former NATO base commander; Former Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity – Hawaii; Previously Elected member of Honolulu County Neighborhood Board

Cassaundra Fryman, Mayor – Plymouth, OH

Clark Neily – Vice President for Criminal Justice at CATO Institute. Adjunct Professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia School of Law. Author.